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ET console app - BigPond GameArena

Finally got around to releasing an ET app ive been working on. It's a python program that can read from/write to the in-game ET console. The only functionality I've added to it so far is GUID database plugin but basically it's possible to automate any console interaction at all, and communicate with the operating system, other processes, whatever else you can think of.

MoinMoinTodo/Release 1.7/HelpOnAuthentication - MoinMoin

The OpenID authentication plugin allows users to sign in using their OpenID and connect that OpenID to a new or existing Moin account. To allow users to sign in with OpenID, add the plugin to the auth list, or to require OpenID with verification use:


WordPress › Simple OpenID plugin « WordPress Plugins

Simple OpenID plugin is a plugin for Wordpress that enables visitors to use their OpenID if they want to post a comment instead of a registering yet another local Wordpress account or typing their credentials over and again.

Flux CMS DevBlog :: Tagcloud Plugin

All you have todo is adding the following in the config.xml of your collection:

Flux CMS DevBlog :: Build your own Flux CMS plugin in an instant

Writing a new plugin in Flux CMS is an easy task, if you know how :) But now, it's even easier. I wrote a little script, which takes all the necessary tasks off you. Just call from the commandline:


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