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September 2008

ANNOUNCE: Easy Debian For Everyone! OpenOffice, Firefox 3, Java, AbiWord, IceWM, etc

This version uses Bundyo's 'hostwin' app to open the IceWM window (and give it a nice icon). The most important thing about this is that there are no more dependencies on Python packages. You can install the easy chroot package on a stock tablet now. It also includes Benson's much more flexible chroot script, which allows you to change your chroot settings by changing the settings in the /home/user/.chroot file.

May 2008


stunnel package for Debian. After installation, you should generate a certificate for use with stunnel if you want to use server mode

Debian - Internet Tablet Talk

Booting Debian on the N8x0 NOTE: This page assumes a desire to boot to Debian. However, the package listed under Download can be used to run Debian apps from within the Internet Tablet's standard OS (Hildon). This alternate non-booting method is described in Running Debian chroot.

April 2008

Command Line Warriors : /python/three-useful-python-bindings-2007-12-01-20-23.html

A lesser known fact is that Ubuntu and Debian have a package called python-apt, which allows for similar capabilities. To get it, you need to: apt-get install python-apt

January 2008

Creating zero install debs was Re: ROX Session on Ubunto

There is a Debian package of Zeroinstall available

December 2007

How to create a .deb package for maemo without Scratchbox

The officially recommended way to create .deb packages for the maemo platform is to use dpkg-buildpackage within Scratchbox. For me, Scratchbox is a pain to install for two main reasons. First, there is no RPM package of the scratchbox environment, so apparently I need to run some scripts as root, let my system get a little messier, which I am not willing to do. Second, the docs advise to turn off SELinux in order to get the Scratchbox environment to work, which again I am not keen to do.

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