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.htaccess mod_rewrite rewrite examples

Setting the language variable based on Client



Highslide vs Lightbox

Lightbox придуманная для улучшения просмотра фото "на лету" не долго оставалась в тени, автор быстро подхватил волну и наклепал Lighbox 2.0,

Flux CMS DevBlog :: Tagcloud Plugin

All you have todo is adding the following in the config.xml of your collection:

Flux CMS DevBlog :: Build your own Flux CMS plugin in an instant

Writing a new plugin in Flux CMS is an easy task, if you know how :) But now, it's even easier. I wrote a little script, which takes all the necessary tasks off you. Just call from the commandline:

Permission Simple - Flux CMS Wiki

Admin Access Everyone in the group admin can log into the admin interface. There's no distinction there, so everyone in the admin group can see and edit everything


Flux CMS DevBlog :: Snippets

How to display random pictures

Plugin Sitemap - Flux CMS Wiki

With the Sitemap-Plugin you can easy add a Sitemap to your website.

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