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Yellow Leaf - Файлы - Jabber-Shell 20080315

Jabber-Shell - это джаббер-бот, позволяющий вам выполнять команды оболочки на удалённой системе.

Jabber Google Map

The Jabber Google Map shows the positions and status of Jabber users on a google map. Users can log in using their Jabber ID (JID - like "") on any server, as long as the server supports server to server (s2s) communication. There is no registration required, and we don't need your password. The only requirement is that you must be logged into your Jabber server using the same JID that you are using to sign onto the website.



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PyListC is a Jabber Server Component. It provides any Jabber Server with the ability to provide a mailing-list like feature. So you can create lists, subscribe to the lists you want and when a message is sent to the list JID, the message is forwarded to every subscriber.

File Sharing - PsiWiki

file sharing via jabber

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