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Google Maps Hacking and Bookmarklets

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Google Maps Hacking and Bookmarklets

django-photo-gallery - Google Code

A simple photo gallery based off Stopdesign Photo Gallery Templates. This project is still in development.

Bayesian SpamAssassin MySQL SPEC RPM - songketmail | Группы Google

sa-learn --ham hamemail.txt sa-learn --spam spamemail.txt (6) Finishing the setup Sync the dataset sa-learn --sync --force-expire Update the rules sa-updates

zxing - Google Code

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ZXing (pronounced "zebra crossing") is an open-source, multi-format 1D/2D barcode reader library implemented in Java. Our goal is to support decoding of QR Codes, Data Matrix, and the UPC family of 1D barcodes.

Google Code

Firefox Extension and Epiphany extension for Beagle

Jabber Google Map

The Jabber Google Map shows the positions and status of Jabber users on a google map. Users can log in using their Jabber ID (JID - like "") on any server, as long as the server supports server to server (s2s) communication. There is no registration required, and we don't need your password. The only requirement is that you must be logged into your Jabber server using the same JID that you are using to sign onto the website.

SKMap - How to

# How to look SKMap? SKMap is here !! [Please open this URL with your web browser!!]


Realtime Communications Blog: Статья создателя gtalk2voip

Новость о том, что Google опубликовал Libjingle - исходный код библиотеки для использования voip функций своего IM клиента Google Talk первоначально была мной если не игнорирована, то встречена несколько скептически. Кому в сейчас интересны проприетарные протоколы? Однако, как появилась минутка свободного времени, решил посмотреть на libjingle.

Voice-over-IP gateway for Google Talk, MSN and Yahoo Users

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# Voice calls between Google Talk, MSN/Live Messenger and Yahoo! # Voice mail service, interoparable between major IM clients. # Voice conferencing: with any number of participants of any IM type. # Sending off-line messages and notifications. # Calling SIP phones and SIP services. # Receiving calls to your IM from any SIP phone. # Receiving calls to your IM from mobile or landline phones using SIPBroker. # Receiving calls to your IM from web users.

dogtail: taking your application for a walk

You can use dogtail for automating and testing web UI. For example, you can write scripts that fill in forms on web pages, and obtain data back from the results. This movie shows a script driving Epiphany to fill in a form on a website site. The site in question is the front page of Google; the script carries out a search on Google and then logs the search results.


Danny O'Brien's Oblomovka

vim, google and overenthusiastic hyperlinking» Writing huge swathes of text on Webpages without putting in hyperlinks looks - I dunno, somehow a bit impolite. So I wrote a vim/python macro that lets me wrap selected text with its

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