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08 December 2006 FOAF Discovery

Basic auto-discovery of FOAF data Semantic Radar / JS

This allows for a more involved browsing of web pages that contain links to Semantic Web data (and you even did not know about it! :).

07 December 2006


Another point is that although XFN might munge person and page, there’s no reason for agents that use this data to do the same. Here’s a page containing XFN, here’s grokXFN.xsl and here’s an XSLT service. Result: perfectly reasonable FOAF

Вопрос № 149 Livejournal FOAF

Другие потоки данных Потоки данных всякого журнала включают в себя файл FOAF ("друзья друзей"). По умолчанию всякий из вашего списка друзей попадает в секцию "knows" (известен) файла FOAF, но вы можете изменить это, создав настраиваемую группу друзей под названием FOAF-knows

05 December 2006

Ontogon: More FOAF Madness

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More FOAF Madness After toying with Danny's FOAF idea, I decided to see what other fun I could have with FOAF and Firefox. I have a method for telling a server about my FOAF, but what about a method for telling a browser about it?

Ontogon: August 2005 Archives

FOAF Based Marketing Continued - FOAF Blaster


Foafer is an extension for firefox that will display foaf data in a formatted way within the browser itself. It works by autodiscovery of FOAF

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