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ANNOUNCE: Easy Debian For Everyone! OpenOffice, Firefox 3, Java, AbiWord, IceWM, etc

This version uses Bundyo's 'hostwin' app to open the IceWM window (and give it a nice icon). The most important thing about this is that there are no more dependencies on Python packages. You can install the easy chroot package on a stock tablet now. It also includes Benson's much more flexible chroot script, which allows you to change your chroot settings by changing the settings in the /home/user/.chroot file.

Google Code

Firefox Extension and Epiphany extension for Beagle

User:Cacycle/wikEd - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

wikEd is a full-featured Wikipedia-integrated text editor that adds enhanced text processing functions to edit pages. Currently it works only for Firefox and other Mozilla browsers.


Scrapbook : Распечатывать с вэба - удобно ! Незаменимое расширение для firefox.

расширение для firefox scrapbook поможет нам брать от вэб страниц только то, что нужно - и ничего более.

Firefox : расширения для редактирования текста в TEXT AREA

Resizeable TextArea - расширение, позволяющее простым тягом мышки изменять размеры Text Area.


Let's Learn Linux Together: Firefox Torbutton

Пару недель назад я поместил на блоге статью о анонимизировании пребывания в Интернет - HOWTO: Анонимизируем свою работу в Internet с помощью Tor. Но то ли статья оказалась слишком длинной, то ли это никому не интересно... За две недели я не увидил ни одного комментария. Для тех, кому это интересно, но указанная статья кажется слишком длинной, привожу здесь маленький пример использования Bigger back button extension for Firefox

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A little while ago I wrote some CSS that applied Fitt's Law to make the back button in Firefox bigger. At the time, someone said I should make it an extension, and I did (based on Chu Yeow's "making unred tabs obvious" extension), but forgot all about it.

MeasureIt - Firefox ruler extension for web developers

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Draw a ruler across any webpage to check the width, height, or alignment of page elements in pixels.

ColorZilla Extension for Firefox and Mozilla

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Advanced Eyedropper, ColorPicker, Page Zoomer and other colorful goodies.

FeedBag: Integrating Liferea and Firefox

FeedBag is a Firefox extension that modifies the feed button in the address bar. Clicking the button will add a subscription directly to Liferea and not to the Live Bookmarks


Foafer is an extension for firefox that will display foaf data in a formatted way within the browser itself. It works by autodiscovery of FOAF

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