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Firefox Extension and Epiphany extension for Beagle

January 2008 magnus » Epilicious

Epilicious is an extension for the Gnome web browser Epiphany. It lets you synchronise your local bookmarks with the bookmarks in a Delicious account. It still a little rough around the edges (mostly due to the weirdness that is the API) but fully usable. As always with FOSS, use at your own risk!

March 2007

Epiphany is hype, get over it at Raphaël Slinckx

To make it short, here is a summary of the killer features in epiphany 2.14 * Easy RSS subscription, integration with gnome programs (liferea, blam, straw) * “Tagged” Bookmarks management (very Web 2.0) * Adblock extension working out of the box * HIG and gnome integration everywhere * Simple and easy to understand preferences * Light and responsive * Very few popups, unobtrusive error pages are used instead

Epiphany Python Console - Open New Tab

Epiphany Python Console - Open New Tab This is a quick tip about how to open new tabs with Python code in Epiphany.

Why you should try Epiphany as your default browser with GNOME 2.14 - Where is Ploum ?

I think you overrate a bit epiphany's simplicity, or lack of features as simplicity, but nice tip about %s, i'll try this with bookmark search...

dogtail: taking your application for a walk

You can use dogtail for automating and testing web UI. For example, you can write scripts that fill in forms on web pages, and obtain data back from the results. This movie shows a script driving Epiphany to fill in a form on a website site. The site in question is the front page of Google; the script carries out a search on Google and then logs the search results.

December 2006

uwstopia ★ Blog ★ My fonts are better than yours

Most websites use stylesheets that specify which font-family should be used for rendering the page. While this is fine in most cases, it gets really annoying if you need to read a text in a font that’s typeset in a font you don’t like. Comic Sans comes to mind, but I’m not seeing that one anymore: I simply purged the file from my system.

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