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17 May 2008

Почтовый сервер на основе реляционной СУБД.

Ко вторым относятся: n dbmail-pop3d - демон для доступа по протоколу POP3. n dbmail-imapd - демон для доступа по протоколу IMAP.

09 May 2008

debian:exim4 [DBMail]

How to install/configure Exim4 MTA for SMTP AUTH (pam) DBMail (MySQL) SpamAssassin (spam block) ClamAV (Antivirus)

07 May 2008

shared-mbox [DBMail]

Shared Mailboxes in DBMail are implemented using the IMAP ACL and NAMESPACE Extensions as defined in the RFCs 2086 and 2342 There are two types of shared Mailboxes available in DBMail: * Public Mailboxes in the “#Public” namespace and * Personal shared Mailboxes in the “#Users” namespace

30 April 2008

Re: AW: [Dbmail] Mailbox full sieve - got a perlscript for it! use it

small perl script which checks quota AND sends warning > mails. You may want to use it. Its under GPL of course. ;)

28 April 2008

Связка EXIM и dbmail с подробнейшим разжёвыванием конфигов.

И конфиг экзима (/usr/local/etc/exim/configure) до такого:

21 April 2008

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