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April 2008

Прокси-сервер, почтовый сервер - Eserv, Eproxy :: Просмотр темы - RoundCube webmail BETA

In case you have one installation of RoundCube to server multiple domains you can create host-specific config files. These files have to be named like [hostname].inc.php and also be located in the config directory.

January 2008

Extension:Inputbox - MediaWiki

Download and save the files inputbox.php


PyPackager is a small gui tool to create debian package on a maemo device. PyPackager is based on modified script : bdist_maemo.

Manually creating a .deb package for maemo

A .deb package is quite simple, at least in theory. It consists of a control.tar.gz archive with package control files, data.tar.gz archive of all files that will be installed and debian-binary file that indicates the deb version to use. These files are then placed within an ar archive.

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