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August 2008

January 2008 magnus » Epilicious

Epilicious is an extension for the Gnome web browser Epiphany. It lets you synchronise your local bookmarks with the bookmarks in a Delicious account. It still a little rough around the edges (mostly due to the weirdness that is the API) but fully usable. As always with FOSS, use at your own risk!

March 2007

Epiphany is hype, get over it at Raphaël Slinckx

To make it short, here is a summary of the killer features in epiphany 2.14 * Easy RSS subscription, integration with gnome programs (liferea, blam, straw) * “Tagged” Bookmarks management (very Web 2.0) * Adblock extension working out of the box * HIG and gnome integration everywhere * Simple and easy to understand preferences * Light and responsive * Very few popups, unobtrusive error pages are used instead

December 2006

FeedBag: Integrating Liferea and Firefox

FeedBag is a Firefox extension that modifies the feed button in the address bar. Clicking the button will add a subscription directly to Liferea and not to the Live Bookmarks

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August 2006

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