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The Flashcam Project

Small update with modified Vloopback driver that compiles properly on Kernel 2.6.27 (initial thanks should go to Patrick Balleux). There is no enhancement for the rest of the utility because Flash 10 (official release 10,0,12,10 for Linux) works well. So I leave this project alive for some embedded systems.

my blog (c) levsha » Blog Archive » Борцуны со спамом, очередная серия

Вру - два одинаковых A писать нельзя. Допустим машина имеет 2 адреса - (основной) и (бекап). A => A => ptr => ptr => Пишем mx 10 =>, mx 20 => Тогда helo (имя машины) будет совпадать с обратным резолвингом для обоих адресов.

Open Source Social Platforms: 10 of the Best

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As social sites grow in popularity, so does the desire for smaller niche-based networks that cater to smaller groups of people. Just look at the rise of social networks for chess players and wine.


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