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November 2006

WINE / Programs(@FreeSource)

Программы, работающие в WINE

cptnahab - Open Source Projects

Openomy-Python Openomy-Python is a set of python bindings for the Openomy web-based file repository. It is intended to support usage by both Tier 2 web-based application providers and client-side non-web application developers. Openomy File Manager Openomy File Manager is a set of JS bindings for the Openomy web-based file repository, along with a CSS/XHTML/JS file manager. Specializations include user-specified metadata management, and simplified tagging through drag and drop.


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Openomy is an online file system. You can store files on Openomy and access them from any computer. Openomy organizes files and users via tags (as opposed to folders). You can choose to keep your files guarded by Openomy, or allow certain outside applications (of your choice) to do new and interesting things with your data.

Кто такая A.L.I.C.E.

У бота ALICE есть такой полезный механизм, как symbolic reduction. Он дает возможность описать, что один паттерн ссылается на другой, а тот, в свою очередь, на третий. Этот же механизм можно использовать с распределенными AIML-базами. Например, у кого-то есть сайт, который называется "О нашей компании", и содержит описание этой компании. Достаточно вставить в этот HTML-код пару AIML-тэгов - и с учетом symbolic reduction человек, который где-то на другом сайте спрашивает у бота об этой компании, получит в ответ данное описание.

FIC Linux Cellphone - can it capture the imagination of the open-source community? - SlashGear

Линукс смартфон с сенсорным экраном

File Sharing - PsiWiki

file sharing via jabber


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CSpace provides a platform for secure, decentralized, user-to-user communication over the internet. The driving idea behind the CSpace platform is to provide a connect(user,service) primitive, similar to the sockets API connect(ip,port). Applications built on top of CSpace can simply invoke connect(user,service) to establish a connection. The CSpace platform will take care of locating the user and creating a secure, nat/firewall friendly connection. Thus the application developers are relieved of the burden of connection establishment, and can focus on the application-level logic!

Geek Credit homepage

Geek Credit is a digital complementary currency for internet. It is decentralized, secure, interest and demurrage free. It is backed by mutual credit (time). There is no central issuing and control authority, so it is a true peer-to-peer currency. It is a digital form of WATT local currency system that is used in Japan. Like any complementary currency it is best fit for paying for services within a community. So for internet it is paying to free software, mp3s, books, best blogs, items from MMORGs, etc.

Hamachi : Stay Connected

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Hamachi is a zero-configuration virtual private networking (VPN) application. In other words Hamachi is a program that allows you to arrange multiple computers into their own secure network just as if they were connected by a physical network cable.

August 2006

DELETE YOURSELF! » Blog Archive » На AdSense свет клином не сошелся

Аббревиатура : CPA - Комиссия с покупки (Cost Per Acquisition); CPC - Цена за клик (Cost Per Click); CPM - Цена за 1000 показов (Cost Per 1000, где буквой M обозначается римская цифра 1000).

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