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20 July 2005

02 July 2005

Space & Beyond » Blog Archive » Google search link on Yahoo!

"This script reverses Premshree’s Yahoo on Google greasemonkey script and creates a Google on Yahoo script. How cool is that!"

01 July 2005

// @name Secure Yahoo! Mail

// @description Makes sure Yahoo! Mail always uses a secure connection.

30 June 2005

29 June 2005

28 June 2005

27 June 2005

Playing with Greasemonkey - PROTOPLASMIC.ORG

"John Udell did the all of the work of figuring out the DOM tree of Amazon. He graciously allowed me to use his code. The second part of the code is from the Yahoo API SDK, allowing me to find the corresponding Open WorldCat page based on the ISBN on ...

26 June 2005

[OAI-general] OAIster-Yahoo Agreement

"As you may or may not be aware, OAIster has partnered with Yahoo! to provide its metadata from Yahoo! Search. Most of the records we harvest for OAIster are now included in Yahoo! Search".

25 June 2005

18 June 2005