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Link directly to an ISBN/ISSN [OCLC - Open WorldCat program]

"Now any Web site can create "Find in a Library" links for specific titles. The syntax for link URLs is straightforward and keyed on common numeric identifiers".

August 2005

June 2005

Playing with Greasemonkey - PROTOPLASMIC.ORG

"John Udell did the all of the work of figuring out the DOM tree of Amazon. He graciously allowed me to use his code. The second part of the code is from the Yahoo API SDK, allowing me to find the corresponding Open WorldCat page based on the ISBN on ...

xISBN [OCLC - Projects]

"xISBN is a library web service that supplies International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) associated with individual intellectual works represented in the OCLC WorldCat database. Give it an ISBN, and it returns a list of associated ISBNs".

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