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03 March 2006 18:30

Lemonade binding for firewalls and mobile networks - REST Mapping

"To create a mapping of IMAP to RESTful HTTP, a discussion entailing the description of what resources IMAP exports, what uniform interface will be used to locate those resources, and what representation will be used to exchange those resou

03 March 2006 18:15

Internet Draft: Lemonade Bindings for firewalls and mobile network intermediaries - draft-ietf-lemonade-firewall-binding-00 - S. H. Maes, R. Cromwell , N. Mitra (Editors) - February 2006 - Expires: August 2006

"This binding is intended to facilitate the use of IMAP and SMTP in deployments involving a variety of intermediaries. Bindings to SOAP, REST and WebDAV are also provided".

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