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06 April 2006

20 March 2006

14 March 2006

UnAPI Validator: submit

"This is a validation service for the unAPI web resource discovery protocol. If you've got a web page that contains the <link> autodiscovery element and some unapi-uris this service will talk to the unapi service, lookup the unapi references, and test ...

13 March 2006

CollectionWikiPages WikiDApis

openurl api + sru/w api + rss + oai-pmh -- cf. ctrl+u

τεχνοσοφια » unAPI, COinS-PMH, OpenSearch support

<link rel="purl"> <link rel="meta" type="application/xml" title="unAPI"> <link rel="meta" type="application/xml" title="COinS-PMH"> <link rel="search" type="application/opensearchdescription+xml">

12 March 2006

Quædam cuiusdam » Blog Archive » Wordpress, now with added unAPI!

"Here’s a unAPI server for Wordpress blogs [...]. This is based on my OAI-PMH plugin, but unlike its ancestor, the unAPI server is properly plugged into Wordpress’s methods of accessing blog postings". - for all your unAPI needs

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"There are already many cool APIs and protocols for syndicating, searching, harvesting, and linking from diverse services on the web". -- let's mash 'em up !

As seen at code4lib 2006: OPA-0.1 | One Big Library.

"(OPA Proxies APIs) is a simple python application that demonstrates the unAPI specification. By default, it proxies all records at Pubmed, all photos at Flickr, and metadata for books with isbns from Amazon. It will also proxy any arbitrary OAI-PMH servi

Programming - Thinking about identifier and unAPI

"Sometimes the "thing" is so precious, so people takes extra care, such as DOI, ISBN, handle, PURL, or info URI, another example is the w3c's tech reports always reside in same place".

11 March 2006

Dilettante’s Ball » On unAPI

"Personally, I am much more interested in making our OAI-PMH archives and our SRW/U servers available via ATOM, much like we made SRU available to OpenSearch".

unAPI revision 1

"unAPI consists of three parts: 1. A URI microformat: describes a standard way of identifying individual information-rich objects on arbitrary web pages; 2. An HTML “autodiscovery” link pointing to a unAPI service applicable to objects ..."

04 March 2006

27 February 2006

26 February 2006