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March 2006

Main Page - Memography

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"Decide on a globally unique string (a GUID) that identifies the idea or meme that your web page is about. We propose methods for creating your meme IDs in memespaces and taxospaces that leverage the great taxonomies already in existence identifying ..."

November 2005

The Augmented Social Network

"Might a "next generation Internet" help to reinvigorate democracy by providing a platform that makes it easier for citizens to inform themselves about public policy debates, self-organize, and participate in the process of governance?"

September 2005

August 2005

July 2005

Jon Udell: The network is the blog

"Them: So what are we really talking about here? Me: Do you want the cosmic answer? Them: Sure. Me: OK. We're in the process of creating a planetary nervous system. Them: Yeah, we get that. But how?"

June 2005

FOAF Online Account Description Generator

"Enter the URL of your FOAF document and your hashed email address in the form below. Or enter someone else's if you have the details. [...] If you then enter your username for each of the following services, a FOAF document will be generated for you".

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