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delisearch - proof of concept - Reading Lists

"This simple generator will create a URL for a OPML Reading List, using a technique suggested by Danny Ayers that I found via Johnt at Library Clips. Just put in your user name and a tag (or set of tags +'d together) that are as


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"Use Bookmarks Synchronizer to generate an XBEL file from your Firefox bookmarks. Upload your XBEL file and this page will transform it to OPML and return the result".

OPMLSearch: Url Polling Service API

" has an XML-RPC interface. It follows standard industry practices for ping server interfaces. You simply configure your software to ping anytime you publish new content".

January 2006

Mag-zine - L’actualité RSS » OPML pour les podcasts de Radio France

" Le site de Radio France (comme beaucoup d’autres) ne fourni pas de fichier OPML pour un import massif dans un agrégateur. Voici donc tous les podcasts de Radio France dans un fichier OPML".

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