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"PowerLoom™ is the successor to the Loom™ knowledge representation system. It provides a language and environment for constructing intelligent applications".

Ontosaurus: Loom Web Browser

"The Ontosaurus is a Web Browser for Loom™ knowledge bases. It provides a graphical hyperlinked interface to several of the knowledge bases".


"Loom™ is a knowledge representation language developed by researchers in the Artificial Intelligence research group at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute".

W6 Vocabulary

"an ontology to allow resource descriptions and reasoning based on the 6 questions : who, why, what, when, where, how"

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Tag Ontology Writeup

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"The goal of this ontology is to model the relationship between an agent, an arbitrary resource, and one or more tags. This relationship is embodied in one or more taggings, which are temporal events associating the actors".

ontology generator

"upload, paste the contents or enter the url of an rdf/xml document into the following form and an ontology containing your classes and properties with their domains and ranges will be generated".

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