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03 January 2006

24 November 2005

IPTC Web: “NewsML 2 will revolutionize the way news can be shared” MILAN, Italy (18 November 2005)

"Meeting in Milan, members of the International Press Telecommunications Council approved further development of NewsML 2, an XML-based markup language that will easily allow text, photos, graphics and other media to be managed, bundled and shared".


"Welcome to NewsML™ ... ... the versatile News Markup Language for global news exchange. NewsML is designed to provide a media-independent, structural framework for multi-media news".

RFC 3085 (Informational) : URN Namespace for NewsML Resources - A. Coates, Reuters - D. Allen, IPTC - D. Rivers-Moore, Rivcom - March 2001

" This document describes a URN (Uniform Resource Name) namespace for identifying NewsML NewsItems".- e.g. :

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