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January 2006

gm + webnote

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"With the webnote gm user script, you can add notes to any web page. If you save the notes, they’ll be there the next time you browse to the page. They can also be viewed by anyone".

// @name webnote gm

// @description collaborative stickes applied to websites // Usage: alt+n makes a new note If you're using a Mac, press ctrl+n (for some strange reason alt+n doesn't register).

December 2005

// @name microformat-find

// @description Find microcontent on a webpage

// @name Yahoo Blog Search

// @description Adds blogs search to Yahoo News search.

November 2005

September 2005 » Google does evil

"Instead of showing that your link will go through Google they replace it with the original link thereby pretending that they do not track where you go".

// @name Delicious Auto Pager

// @description Add autoloading for next page to bookmark. Double click to enable/disable it.

August 2005