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March 2006

Google Operating System: Marissa Mayer prefers Pine to Gmail

"Marissa Mayer, VP, Search Products and User Experience at Google confesses to CNN Money that she doesn't use Gmail for her business mail". -- so they have an internal IMAP server, haven't they ?

IRsoft Code Repository » Scripts for Greasemonkey » Script for fixing redirecting links -- IRsoft

"This script removes links redirecting over certain files, such as This would be transformed to".

February 2006

The Impact of Emerging Technologies: In Google We Trust - Technology Review

"Internet users should think carefully before relying on Gmail".

January 2006

OpenNet Initiative Blog » Blog Archive » Filtering: How It Works

"For example, the domain has been removed from Using Google’ “site:” modifier, a search for “” in returns no results and appears as if there is not such a website all". Bloomberg Columnists - If It Isn't Red, You Can't Read It on Google: William Pesek Jr.

"At the very least, Google should stop calling itself an Internet ``search engine'' in China. Its description should now be ``limited search engine'' or ``government-controlled search engine".

Sites Google Agreed to Censor in China

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A new way to organize the world's information. - Google to Offer Video Downloads, Software That Rivals Microsoft's

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The real news : " Google has developed its own digital-rights-management software to protect downloaded videos from piracy".

December 2005

November 2005


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"XooMLe allows you to query the Google search engine and have your results returned in XML format".