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19 June 2005 12:00

19 June 2005 06:00

Slashdot | Firefox Faces Trademark Issues

"However, in a twist, it appears Mozilla has not received approval for the Firefox trademarks yet, and the Firefox name may already be taken in the UK and Germany. The foundation has not applied for the Thunderbird trademark anywhere yet.""

19 June 2005 00:00

firefox post extension | experiments | splintered - freelance creativity and design

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"simple extension for firefox which effectively replaces the pop-up post to bookmarklet with an integrated browser dialog".

firefox dublin core viewer extension | experiments | splintered - freelance creativity and design

by 2 others
"this extension adds a button to the browser's status bar (and, optionally, the toolbar) to access an overview list of Dublin Core Metadata embedded in HTML/XHTML documents with META and LINK elements".


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"Welcome to the internet home of cuneAform! cuneAform is the community built Editor that anyone can use. cuneAform is designed to edit pieces of (x)HTML code and contains most of the features of the big boys".

18 June 2005 23:00

18 June 2005 13:00

Firefox Help: Firefox FAQ - How do I install Java?

"[...] # Change to your Firefox plugins directory # Issue the following command: ln -s /usr/java/j2re1.4.2_01/plugin/i386/ns610-gcc32/".

PluginDoc: Linux (x86) - RealPlayer 10

"2. Copy to your Mozilla plugins directory and nphelix.xpt to your Mozilla components directory. [...] If you installed the RealPlayer 10 RPM, these files are located in /usr/local/RealPlayer/mozilla".

18 June 2005 12:00 - petname: index

"Need help avoiding phishing and spoofing attacks? The petname tool can help you keep it all straight by clearly distinguishing your online relationships".

17 June 2005 22:00 - syncmarks: index

"This extension allows you to synchronize your Firefox bookmarks with a variety of targets, including HTML, XML, the Windows Favorites folder, FTP, etc".