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March 2006

Apache Software Foundation Projects - DOAP Files

The Apache Software Foundation uses DOAP.

January 2006

HatcheryRDFSpec - Launchpad Wiki

"The Hatchery RDF Spec represents the data format we want to publish from Launchpad, semantic web style. This will include Project, Product, ProductSeries and Product Release entities. [...] We are forking from DOAP".

Ontogon - DOAPamine: DOAP Annotations for Java 5

"DOAPamine is set of Java 5 Annotations that can be used to insert DOAP data into Java classes. Also included is an Ant task to reflect on the annotations and produce DOAP in RDF/XML".

August 2005

July 2005

June 2005

Ubuntu Guy - Mark Shuttleworth - Killing Freshmeat | Fooworks - 'blog of Steve Mallett

"Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu guy, has picked up on Edd Dumbill's DOAP project and is going to kill freshmeat with it. [...] Still easier than that is tagging your project with a Rubric installation. XML gets tiring, fast".

The DOAP Network: Project and Product Registration in Launchpad

"This is the Description of a Project web service, where we catalogue all the open source projects registered in The Launchpad".

DOAP A Matic

"This is intended to get you started on creating a description for your Description of a Project file".


"FOAF is cool, I also need DOAP (Description of a Project)"

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