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delisearch - proof of concept - Reading Lists

"This simple generator will create a URL for a OPML Reading List, using a technique suggested by Danny Ayers that I found via Johnt at Library Clips. Just put in your user name and a tag (or set of tags +'d together) that are as greasemonkey script

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"Here's a Greasemonkey script which limits the description field to 255 characters and displays a character counter after the text box so you can see how many you've got left when adding a pithy comment".

Scobleizer - Microsoft Geek Blogger » Deliciousing

Scoble discovering ... and using Flock. :-D

January 2006 WebCites

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This <b>xfolk linkblog</b> rocks ! We need xfolk for, really.

December 2005

Yahoo’s delicious meal!

"Because delicious was not only a community. It was also an experiment. [...] A place where we were changing the web. [...] Because people have pleaded him to start charging, or put advertisments, or do something, but let us pay for it. Because we knew".

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