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March 2006

IViR - Publications - Bernt Hugenholtz - 'Why the Copyright Directive is Unimportant, and Possibly Invalid.'

"In fact, the Directive does not do much for authors at all. It is primarily geared towards protecting the rights and interests of the ‘main players’ in the information industry (producers, broadcasters and institutional users), not of the creators...

January 2006

Et si le droit d'auteur allait trop loin, sur internet et ailleurs ?

"Cette extension s’opère au profit exclusif, non des auteurs, mais des intermédiaires de la création et bientôt des simples fournisseurs de solutions techniques de verrouillage des œuvres en ligne".

December 2005

October 2005

NCL NEWS: Consumer Group Raises Copyright, Censorship Concerns about Google Print Library, Calls for Public Hearings

"In a letter to the chairmen of the House and Senate Judiciary subcommittees overseeing intellectual property issues, [NCL] raised concerns about a forthcoming ambitious effort to catalogue the entire collections of four major American libraries".

"Google Library: Beyond Fair Use?" by Elisabeth Hanratty, Duke Law & Technology Review, 2005, No. 10.

"Taken by itself, Google's for-profit nature should be enough of a commercial tie to disqualify the Google library from the exemption".

September 2005

Scrivener's Error - Speaking of Common Enemies…

"Not only is Google wrong in adopting an opt-out model when the Copyright Act explicitly requires opt-in (cf. 17 U.S.C. § 204(a)), it is wrong in assuming that the publisher has the authority to grant permission in the first place".

The Patry Copyright Blog: Scanning Documents

"Absent permission, I see no way for it to be considered fair use or covered by Section 108".

June 2005

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