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May 2006

March 2006

Jabber Bookmark Directory (JBD)

"Jabber Bookmark Directory (JBD) is a directory that stores user's bookmarks. Users can add multiple bookmarks to his/her jid, which is stored in the XDB spool file".

JEP-0048: Bookmark Storage

"This JEP documents a protocol for the storage of bookmarks to conference rooms and other entities in a Jabber user's account".

Internet Draft : ACAP Bookmarks Dataset Class - draft-ietf-acap-book-05 - R. Gellens , QUALCOMM - March 2001 - Expires: September 2001

"[ACAP] provides an ideal mechanism for storage of bookmarks, providing for ease of coordination and synchronization of bookmarks between diverse applications and systems, as well as for hierarchy, inheritance, and sharing between user

February 2006

September 2005

August 2005

ACAP Bookmark browser


July 2005 - fanibook: index

"The fanibook permits to share bookmarks through the network. It manages bookmarks easily between different users".

June 2005