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February 2006

xISBN Bookmarks - FRBR Bookmarks

"These bookmarklets were inspired by Jon Udell's LibraryLookup homepage. The enhancement provided here is to include other ISBNs for the same work in the query".

January 2006

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June 2005

Appropriate Resolvers, Dynamically: Adding rel and title attributes to OpenURLs. A Prototype.

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"If you've ever wondered "how can I add a reference to an article or a book on my site in a way that anybody could get to it through their own library?" here's one possible answer". direc.tor: Delivering A High-Performance AJAX Web Service Broker :: Johnvey

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" direc.tor is a prototype for an alternative web-based rich UI for".

HubLog: Extracting Microcontent

"Ways to get microcontent out of a web page (only tested in Firefox)..."

Jesse Ruderman » Bookmarklets to User Scripts

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"Bookmarklets to User Scripts is a Greasemonkey script that lets you turn any bookmarklet into a Greasemonkey script. The bookmarklet will then run every time a page in the included-sites list is loaded".

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