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SIPBroker - ENUM Lookup

"This service accepts the submission of a HTTP request containing a e164 number as a parameter and returns an XML document that contains a collection of SIP URIs that match that number".

CollectionWikiPages WikiDApis

openurl api + sru/w api + rss + oai-pmh -- cf. ctrl+u - for all your unAPI needs

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"There are already many cool APIs and protocols for syndicating, searching, harvesting, and linking from diverse services on the web". -- let's mash 'em up !

As seen at code4lib 2006: OPA-0.1 | One Big Library.

"(OPA Proxies APIs) is a simple python application that demonstrates the unAPI specification. By default, it proxies all records at Pubmed, all photos at Flickr, and metadata for books with isbns from Amazon. It will also proxy any arbitrary OAI-PMH servi