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November 2005 Release : Announces Plans for Innovative Digital Book Programs That Will Enable Customers to Purchase Online Access to Any Page, Section, or Chapter of a Book, as Well as the Book in Its Entirety

"The second program, Amazon Upgrade, will allow customers to "upgrade" their purchase of a physical book on to include complete online access".

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Playing with Greasemonkey - PROTOPLASMIC.ORG

"John Udell did the all of the work of figuring out the DOM tree of Amazon. He graciously allowed me to use his code. The second part of the code is from the Yahoo API SDK, allowing me to find the corresponding Open WorldCat page based on the ISBN on ...

NetbibWiki:Linky [wiki, knowledgebase, cms, php, mysql]

"Amazon Netbib Linky (kurz Linky) ist ein Greasemonkey-Userscriptext. link für den Firefox-Browser, das auf Statways Amazon Linkyext. link beruht".

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