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17 June 2005 23:00

17 June 2005 22:00

l0b0land - illogical interface

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"Enter your user name and password to synchronize and filter your bookmarks, or try it out with 1100 bookmarks".

Microcontent Musings - Piggy Bank

"I think this is a very intriguing use of data available on Internet. It really shows what you can do when you combine multiple MicroContent items and types. Define your own MacroContent based on multiple MicroContent Items (and Types)". - syncmarks: index

"This extension allows you to synchronize your Firefox bookmarks with a variety of targets, including HTML, XML, the Windows Favorites folder, FTP, etc".

The XML Bookmark Exchange Language Resource Page

by 7 others
"The XML Bookmark Exchange Language, or XBEL, is an Internet "bookmarks" interchange format. It was designed by the Python XML Special Interest Group on the group's mailing list".

17 June 2005 21:00

17 June 2005 18:00

Jesse Ruderman » AutoLink user script

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"AutoLink turns plain text URLs, email addresses, bug numbers, ISBNs, and US phone numbers into links".

// @name AutoLink

// @description Turns plain text URLs, email addresses, bug numbers, ISBNs, and US phone numbers into links. You can add new filters if you know how to use JavaScript regular expressions.

Jesse Ruderman » Bookmarklets to User Scripts

by 3 others
"Bookmarklets to User Scripts is a Greasemonkey script that lets you turn any bookmarklet into a Greasemonkey script. The bookmarklet will then run every time a page in the included-sites list is loaded".

// @name Bookmarklets to User Scripts

// @description Lets you install any bookmarklet as a user script.

Welcome to MusicBrainz!

by 26 others
"MusicBrainz is a community music metadatabase that attempts to create a comprehensive music information site".

The GNU Operating System

by 18 others
"Free as in Freedom"

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