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YouTube Brand Channel Guide - London Digital Creative Agency - Acknowledgement

Have you ever wondered what possibilities YouTube can offer for your brand? Well let's take a look specifically at YouTube's very own brand channels. Brand channels allow marketers to create a bespoke interface, customising the look and feel of their presence on the site. By creating a destination page on YouTube, brand channels provide the opportunity to create truly persistent relationships with your consumers. I shall ignore the standard customisation options anyone can apply to their YouTube channel and just focus on the things only brand channels can use.

YouTube - Poodle Loop

With Loop app, you can make music with anything, anywhere, anytime you like. To prove the point, we asked Warrior One to create a track as far away from the music studio as possible... all the way to a poodle parlour in Shanghai. Recorded on location in Loop, on a Nokia N8, the film follows the transformation of three scruffy young poodles into bouncing, brightly coloured masterpieces. Loop is available on the Nokia N8 and Nokia C7 exclusive to Nokia Ovi Store. You can listen to more tracks at No animals were harmed in the making of this video.



YouTube - - Partner Bios

Menu intelligent géré avec la barre de défilement


YouTube - Television - New York Times

WHAT do you think of the latest video on YouTube? Wait. Don’t answer that, or at least don’t answer with words. Because almost the instant you start to talk about one of the beautiful, puzzling videos that pervade the site that Google acquired last fall for $1.65 billion, you reveal that you’re missing the point. Really the only authentic response to a YouTube video is another YouTube video — the so-called “video response.”

Convert Flash Video .flv Files to .mpg or .avi and Other Media Formats » My Digital Life

With some tricks, it’s now possible to download the videos that hosted and shared on online video sites such as YouTube and Google Video, instead of just watching the video embedded on the websites.

Flash Movie Conversion for Mac OS X

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In a recent discussion about options for sharing movies as Flash FLV or SWF format files, we were trying to find the most cost effective way to convert files for Mac OS X. I wrote about my favorite method for converting movies to Flash for Windows earlier. If you want really easy, YouTube is likely the best way to get the job done.

YouTube - vinaigrette Autodidakt

la vinaigrette de ma grand mèr

YouTube - La soupe au potiron

Recette de la soupe au potiron, en 3'30" chrono


Coming Attraction: YouTube's Business Model - Knowledge@Wharton

"In music, Apple calls the shots. On the Web it's Google. For video, it's going to be YouTube."

The Amazing YouTube Tools Collection

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"The Amazing YouTube Tools Collection"

YouTube Falls to #3 Online Video Site « Will Video for Food

"According to ComScore, YouTube has slipped to the #3 site for online video viewing. This news doesn’t count as a YouTube “bubble burst,” but you may want to revise your entry in the pool."

Google officialise le rachat de YouTube - Actualités -

"YouTube représenterait environ 45% du marché de la vidéo en ligne, selon des mesures d'audience de la société Hitwise. Plus de 100 millions de vidéos y sont consultées chaque jour, avec 20 millions de visiteurs uniques mensuels (source Nielsen Net Ratings)."

No Man's Blog: YouTube trends report #1

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A short blogversation last week about virals has prompted my curiosity to dig into YouTube and to carry out a systematic content analysis of the most viewed videos in an attempt to get under the skin of the viral phenomena. Put differently, I wanted to get a better grasp of what makes people tick when it comes to viral content with a strong emphasis on user generated content.

Publishers vs. YouTube: Does either side win?

Commentary: The economics of copyright enforcement collide with the economics of Web 2.0 By Mack Reed Posted: 2006-07-20 Mack Reed is an online editorial consultant at Factoid Labs and publisher of

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