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23 October 2009 08:00

BBC - Britain From Above

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by Nick Catliff, Ex Prod for Lion Television. A 9-month project. Striking videos of jet flying over country side + gps visuals = more 100 videos. As Nick says, it is indeed not a simple program supported pgm - just not very much more to me. Still an amazing website. Amazing video of commercial ship gps tracked routes across the Manche not even talking about flight routes. Good idea of mashing up with archive content to adress history of Britain. But as he bragged about with merit, webdesign are maybe the most intersting part of this website. Does not make it anything more than a great a TV program based site. Anyway, if anything, it is about extremely entertaining and beautiful HD aeria footage and linear video datavizualition graphics. no discussion ! no interactive graphics for gps without enough ressources. "you can watch it for fun. Or with purpose. From day 1, a 360 project - multiproject A tv show = 5 million views a web show = more but for 10 years

22 October 2009 10:00

BBC - Languages - Spanish - Mi Vida Loca

Presented by Mick Webb, editor at You sit down and you take part in interactive POV drama made to learn spanish. Interesting flash player. 10 hours of video drama 22 hours of educational content progressiv download in Flash simultaneous subtitles in both englsih and spanish an accompanying language teacher is lauched before any interaction with character 3 professional actors a narrator Cheesy music, sexy investigative journalist Sometimes, the narrator is inviting you to stop the video and click on elements of the image and understand the definition. - 500 K Euros total budget 15-45 K users a week 600 K uk visites so far 180 K watched episode 1 - 18 K episode 22 Potential enhancements - full-screen available - ok - 3 TV versions - ok - Tracking progress - UGC - too complicated - lessons for mobile - part 2 Lessons

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