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October 2010

Kinetic Typography Tutorial | The Crooked Gremlins

Kinetic typography is a form of animation that centers mostly on moving text. Simple enough in concept, but it can lend itself to some truly amazing and complex animations if done properly. There are some people that are trying to make it an automated process, but until then us animators are just going to have to do it by hand. I’m happy to offer both video and text versions of this tutorial.If you’re going to watch the videos, make sure you use the full-screen mode.

May 2010

Ecrire pour le Web en 2010

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Techniques et bonnes pratiques pour Écrire pour le Web Remis à jour le 2 janvier 2010 Présentation conçue par Luc Legay (Les Explorateurs du Web) en collaboration avec Joël Ronez (, Jean-Philippe Cathelin (A Conseil), Sébastien Bailly (Paris-Normandie), Xavier de Mazenod ( Autres sources : Jean-Marc Hardy (, Jakob Nielsen (, Laurent Goffin ( Diffusable sous licence Creative Commons by-nc-nd/2.0

Storyboarding I: Just the Basics

What is a storyboard? It's a place to plan out your digital story in two dimensions. The first dimension is time: what happens first, next, and last. The second is of interaction: how does the voiceover (your story) interact with the images, how do visual transitions and effects help tie together the images, how does the voiceover interact with the musical soundtrack?

Index: Flash 10-Minute Tutorials

Expert tips on creating a polished, professional digital video

March 2010

February 2010

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