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01 April 2009 10:45

P.O.V. Blog | multimedia

"... the Internet permits us to blend still photographs with audio, text, video, and databases to make compelling content that is far richer than print or broadcasting typically deliver. This new world of visual story telling gives us a chance to reinvent the form and to adapt integration of various media types to tell the most compelling possible story. "

01 April 2009 10:30 SXSW_PODCASTS/031309_PM1_BallA_WebDesignIsWrong.mp3

Just as early filmmakers struggled to break free from the conventions of live theater, after 10+ years Web designers are still trapped in the structures of the past. Forget pages, linear text and other archaic vestiges of design's print ancestry; the separation of content from presentation has already changed everything.

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With video online all the rage, UK-based international award winning video journalist David Dunkley Gyimah deconstructs video journalism and posits his cinematic brand known as IMVJ. Described by Apple Pro as a one man hurricane: Ex BBC David talks technique, workflow, and swift turnaround factual feature making.

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Managing Online Forums is a practical guide to managing online forums, communities and social spaces. It's not a software or programming book; it's strictly about managing people and the community as a whole. What is talked about in this book is not hypothetical - it consists of in-use, battle-tested theories and solutions. Real life examples are cited throughout, including actual user guidelines, staff member guidelines and more. For more information, please check out the book website at

01 April 2009 10:15 SXSW_PODCASTS/031409_PM2_Hil_RmC_DesigningtheFutureoftheTimes.mp3

What will the nation's newspaper of record look like in the coming years? Learn about the continuing efforts of old media to reinvent its look, its feel and its mission.

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