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October 2010

Dramatically Increase Conversions Using Interactive Video ::

"Dramatically increase conversion using interactive videos"

September 2010

Storyplanet » Five types of interactive narratives

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Marie-Laure outlines a number different models for interactive storytelling. I have boiled it down to five models, which I think are a great starting point when you are planning your interactive project. This is how they look:

WorkBook Project :: an open creative network

The WorkBook Project is for those who want to be creative in the digital age. An open creative network that provides insight into the process of funding, creating, distributing and sustaining from one's creative efforts.

Narrative vs Interactivity: Why video games are NOT a good story-telling medium

the distinction between the synchronic and diachronic stories. The synchronic story - what happens in the game, the “story” made by the player - is “purely kinetic”, while the diachronic story - the background story, often a “proper” story - is “immutable”. Somewhere in-between are the FMV cut-scenes, which develop both the synchronic and diachronic stories, but are also immutable. Thus, any real progress in plot is always divorced from any interactive challenge. Decisions made during challenges based on timing, sequences of actions, or spatial navigation/arrangements, are not the decisions that can change the course of a story, influence relationships, or reveal something about human nature.

August 2010

JIRA 4.1 Overview - JIRA

outils de gestion de tâches ou "issues" à résoudre. Utilisé chez Daily

July 2010

Software as a service - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Sofftware as a service's acronym "SaaS" was first used in an article called "Strategic Backgrounder: Software as a Service." It was published in February 2001 by the Software & Information Industry's (SIIA) eBusiness Division. The 18 page document is one of the most complete essays pertaining to SaaS available today. SIIA developed the backgrounder to analyze the current state of the SaaS market and its near term prospects, and to provide insight for its members who may be profoundly impacted by changes implied in the SaaS mode. Software as a service is essentially an extension of the idea of the Application Service Provider (ASP) model.[3]

Le mariage de l'info et du jeu vidéo -

et si, pour aller plus loin, le web-journaliste utilisait le jeu vidéo comme un nouvel outil ? Ces dernières années, on a assisté au développement tous azimuts des serious games, des jeux vidéo dotés d'une "intention sérieuse" : pédagogie, formation, recrutement, marketing… Et pourquoi pas information ?

DarQroom : Partage photos. Galerie photo. Stockage illimité de photos. Tirages photo de qualité professionnelle.

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Votre galerie photo comme un pro Tirages d'art à partir de 12,61 € Partage photo Partagez et exposez vos photos sans limite, sans publicité. Vos images s'affichent en haute-résolution. Publiez directement depuis votre logiciel photo habituel : Aperture, Lightroom, iPhoto, Picasa. DarQroom aide les amateurs de photographie à mettre en avant leur passion facilement. En savoir plus

DOCAGORA | rethinking docmedia

Since DocAgora’s launch in November, 2006 at IDFA, we've been talking about the profound changes transforming the creation and distribution of classic theatrical, educational and broadcast documentary. We are also showcasing and celebrating trans-platform digital documentary in all of its incarnations : cyberdocs, netcasting, interactive docs. We have produced sessions on cross-platform documentary media, like the Confergence Lab in Aril, 2008, and have also taken on made-for-mobile docs, real-life docugames, and animated documations.

Apple Announces iAd Mobile Advertising Platform

Apple will sell and host the ads, giving 60% of ad revenue back to developers, and Jobs says that developers can add ads to their apps “in an afternoon”. Unlike most mobile ads, which kick users outside of the application they’re currently using, iAd keeps users in the same app. In a jab at Flash, while showing an ad, Jobs said “Oh, by the way, all of this is done in HTML 5.

digital signage software

You know those LCD monitors you see installed in more and more public places -- such as stores, restaurants, above gas pumps -- that is digital signage.. It’s a form of Captive Indoor Media typically used to entertain, inform or advertise. There are major benefits of digital signs over traditional static signs, including the ability to update content with very little effort, the ability to display multimedia content, the ability to adapt your signs to your audience, and even the option of interactivity with Kiosk functionality. Now, imagine getting all that for FREE. With MediaSignage you get your first software license, with all of the advanced features, and it doesn’t cost you a cent!

June 2010

animoto - the end of slideshows

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"we make kller videos from your images"

"first truly independant filmmakers' software"

May 2010


Notre offre de services Turbulent est particulièrement qualifié pour : * Production/co-production et/ou production déléguée (maison de services) pour projets Internet et nouvelles plateformes liés au domaine du divertissement. * Services et impartition d’équipes de développement web pour les firmes de communication et de publicité. * Expertise technique en développement et programmation sur mesure de technologies d'arrière-plan (backend) pour le web. * Expertise technique en développement et programmation sur mesure de technologies d'avant-plan (front end) pour le web.