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Some experiments with the Google Maps API

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Some experiments with Google Maps:

Google Map Generator | 29travels | Around the World

An easy way to map and share your travels! This map generator highlights all the countries you have visited in Google Maps. Simply follow the steps below to get your personal Map. You will recieve the HTML code that you can use to embed the map on your website/blog.

World Countries Boundary File, World, 2002 at GeoCommons Finder!

This shapefile is a compilation of 2 different sources and has been edited in order to update international changes. It is fairly simplified therefore the geometries are basic. Many of the worlds smaller islands are not included. The original source is DIVA-GIS. Some new shapes were created and some names changed. Then, alternative names and country codes were added to create more joining options. Population and area were joined from the world boundry file from

Webfoot's Mapeteria: Map Colouring

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Want to make a choropleth thematic map (i.e. coloured based on your data) for Canadian provinces, U.S. states, or French départements? Or for countries of the world? This is the right place. (Here's one example; there are more below.)

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