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January 2010

try to remain invisible

We’re currently working on a new subtlemob called ‘OUR BROKEN VOICE’ We plan to premiere it in spring 2010, with an international tour to follow. “a single event explodes into many fragments and strands . . you step into one of those strands and piece it together with strangers who are

November 2009

Official Video: Rob Bliss 2009 ArtPrize Paper Airplane Event on Vimeo

Creo Productions' official video of event planner Rob Bliss' 2009 ArtPrize entry, "100,000 Paper Airplanes and Melodies Over Monroe." On September 27, 2009, over 20,000 people flooded downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan to play the main melody of Sigur Rós' "Olsen Olsen." The paper airplanes were 100 percent post-consumer and were picked up by children, participants and a professional cleaning crew.

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