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22 October 2009 09:45

Startseite: WDR Klangkiste

A fun portal showcasing basic overview of instruments and music styles. An interesting use of grid like présentation of all vignettes 66 cards of instruments / type of concert assembles / technical staff with audio samples and fancy graphic design. 7-10 years Too bad the sound design is so annoying. You know this type of sounds that play all the time when you mouse over a button or any image. Here, there is lik eone sound on every damn pixel so anywhere you put your mouse, there is a sound playing making a noisy cacophonie like someone was testing all instruments at once. Nice use of short stop maotion effects and édit on vidéos to présenting the musicians. Quiet créative and entertaining but generally, you feel very far away from the instruments. You would want to try sounds and tunes. They actually have the idea of creating a virtual practicing room - 1’ video format - Memory games - Interactive music playing games (using interactive video technics)

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