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February 2011


In an era of pervasive computing, social media and a networked ‘information society’, digital documentary is embracing new forms. Web-docs, docu-games, photo-reportages, trans-media projects and locative narratives are developing new languages of factual communication that challenge the established linear narrative of documentary.

September 2010

Storyplanet » Five types of interactive narratives

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Marie-Laure outlines a number different models for interactive storytelling. I have boiled it down to five models, which I think are a great starting point when you are planning your interactive project. This is how they look:

Narrative vs Interactivity: Why video games are NOT a good story-telling medium

the distinction between the synchronic and diachronic stories. The synchronic story - what happens in the game, the “story” made by the player - is “purely kinetic”, while the diachronic story - the background story, often a “proper” story - is “immutable”. Somewhere in-between are the FMV cut-scenes, which develop both the synchronic and diachronic stories, but are also immutable. Thus, any real progress in plot is always divorced from any interactive challenge. Decisions made during challenges based on timing, sequences of actions, or spatial navigation/arrangements, are not the decisions that can change the course of a story, influence relationships, or reveal something about human nature.

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Storytelling insights and innovations from around the planet - interactive, animation, film and more

Storytelling insights and innovations from around the planet. showcases the evolution of digital narrative in our modern world, including film, interactive, animation, advertising, transmedia and much more. Read on, or learn more about * Home * Featured * Topics * News * lab

January 2010

Twiller - Twiller ?

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