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oil painting

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Color Painting Kit The fastest way to create a two-color decorative finish. No new basecoat is required; uses latex paint, so it cleans up easily with water. The Woolie Roller Kit includes: a 9-inch, five-wire roller frame; 2-color roller cover made from 100% genuine sheepskin; heavy duty split tray for 2 individual paint colors; the Little Woolie; and a 1-in. edging brush. Also includes a comprehensive instruction video with tips and tricks for creating sophisticated looks.

Antiques and Collectibles

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17th , 18th , & 19th centuries French Style Furniture as Boulle , Louis xv & Louis xvi Country french furniture reproductions and Egyptian Discount Furniture we produce is our french antique furniture reproductions is individually handcrafted & handpainted in traditions of french craftsmen reflecting the splendours of the french palaces in the 17th , 18th , & 19th centuries as Boulle , Louis xv & Louis xvi

Order portrait

The current site " Art for Commission " represents all kinds of art works for commission our company can provide to the customers. We deal with different art projects online and business art directions. More than 150 artists are working in our company that allow us to cover all art styles, genres and techniques the clients might prefer. Below you can view three main divisions in our Commission Service.

Art For Commissions

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Art For Commissions # Art for commission We accept your orders of paintings and portraits for commission in any size, style, technique, etc. Images and your detailed comments will help us to provide you with the most precise and informative response.

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