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June 2007


Obesity is a chronic disease which has now become a worldwide phenomenon. The factors sourcing obesity are numerous but the prime factor being excessive intake of food. Obesity is not only a health risk in itself but encompasses other health hazards such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure amongst others. Regardless, of these serious health implications displayed by obesity; health insurance quite rarely offers coverage for obesity treatment. In such a scenario, it is a wise decision to embark upon weight loss measures and attain a healthy life.

April 2007

Diploma Factories: GED vs. Fake High School Diploma

For today?s student, distance learning can provide a valuable and affordable way to work toward a GED. But there are a growing number of companies and schools who aren?t really in the business of education. Instead, they?re in the diploma business ? their biggest business is selling quick and easy programs or simple online tests that come with worthless transcripts and fake diplomas.

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