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Redo The Web » Application Lego: Build a Wiki with Symfony in 20 Minutes

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This tutorial shows how fast you can develop with symfony. It showcases symfony's admin generator capabilities, and makes great use of a couple of symfony plugins.


Socialtext Unplugged | Socialtext Enterprise Wiki

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Socialtext Unplugged is collaboratively developed with Jeremy Ruston of Osmosoft, the creator of TiddlyWiki. Socialtext Unplugged is an application within a single HTML file, which also means it is cross-platform. It downloads as a Zip file, but synching is through Socialtext's Wiki Web Services. TiddlyWiki is essentially a personal non-linear notebook. TiddlyWiki and Socialtext are Open Source.

Openserving - Free Content For All

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Openserving extends the essence of the open source model — free software and content — to all aspects of web-based computing. Popular existing web communities can create their own open-content, collaborative, blogging systems. All articles are sorted democratically. Sound good? Here's a bonus: keep 100% of the ad revenue for yourself.


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Moteur de wiki PHP avec stockage dans des fichiers texte

Confluence - The Enterprise Wiki

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Confluence is an enterprise wiki that makes it easy for your team to collaborate and share knowledge.


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