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Traker IP - "GeoBytes IP Locator" ou "IP2Location" - Comment dépister l'endroit original d'un email par l'intermédiaire de son IP address

Tracking the location of an IP address Now that we have our originating IP address of, let’s find out where that is! You can do this by perform a location lookup on the IP address. My favorites are IP2Location and GeoBytes IP Locator. If you want more information, you can do a WHOIS database search also. My favorite one is the ARIN WHOIS Database Search. This will give you information on who hosts that IP address and their registration information. You can always contact them to try and find more information on that particular IP address. Have fun tracking down those emails!


Tuto Construction Yahoo-Pipes : Et le Bouillon fut ! Et maintenant il devient…Fil Info sur Veille Documentaire

Le Bibliobsédé a proposé une ouverture à la collaboration pour les ingrédients de son Bouillon. Le Bouillon est cuisiné pour contribuer à l’information et la formation de tous ceux qui s’intéressent aux métiers de l’information-documentation, souhaitent en suivre les évolutions et mieux comprendre les mutations engendrées par le numérique. Il me revient naturellement la joie de vous expliquer, aussi pédagogiquement que possible, le casse-tête qu’à signifié cette collaboration sous l’angle “Tutoriel Yahoo Pipes”. Parce que, grâce à Silvère (que mille tweets chantent sa gloire !), j’ai dû me tordre les méninges et les boyaux et les tuyaux (de Yahoo) pour structurer un résultat correct, manipulable et intéressant. Donc, présentation du pipe (et merci de le prononcer “païpe”, même intérieurement) en plusieurs étapes. Comme le résultat est relativement complexe, cela fera l’objet de plusieurs billets (au moins 3)

Flickr: Discussing Yahoo and Our Privacy__Opt-Out Yahoo Web Beacons__in Inspiration, Art, Poetry & Freedom of Expression

If you belong to ANY Yahoo Groups - be aware that Yahoo is now using "Web Beacons" to track every Yahoo Group user. It's similar to cookies, but allows Yahoo to record every website and every group you visit, even when you're not connected to Yahoo. It also snoops on whether you open read your groups emails! Look at their updated privacy statement at info. privacy/us/ yahoo/details. html About half-way down the page, in the section on *cookies*,you will see a link that says *WEB BEACONS* Click on the phrase "Web Beacons." On the page that opens,on the left find a box entitled "Opt-Out." In that section find "opt-out of interest-matched advertising" link that will let you "opt-out" of their snooping. Click it and then click the opt-out button on the next page. Note your ability to opt-out of it - is not user-specific. It is MACHINE specific. That means you will have to opt-out on every computer (and browser) you use


SML Wiki: Flickr Social Pipes_____Flickr Social is a Yahoo Pipe___Track his friends' comments and also comments he has posted on with and follow the trail of conversation.

Tracks all the commenting activities such that they can be logged and displayed somewhere else.It return an RSS feed of all things happening to a user's activities without the extra noise.

Mr. Speaker » Blog Archive » Introduction to Yahoo Pipes

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Allows you to filter and process RSS feed data in a chain - using a cool web graphical user interface. The result can be spit out in a variety of formats that can then be used in your RSS reader, on your blog, in a Greasemonkey script

Flickr: Pipe: My Flickr relationships - Discussing Pipe: My Flickr relationships in Flickr! Pipes

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Using this application, you may list your contacts with whom you have a specific (mutual) relationship. For example, you may want to see who of your friends has marked you as a friend, or rather who of your contacts does not list you as a contact, etc.

Pipes - Tutorials

Many excellent tutorials for Pipes have been written by users, here are a few:

Flickr pool: Yahoo! Hacks

Welcome to the Yahoo! Hacks group. I'm working on a book for O'Reilly called Yahoo! Hacks, and this is a space to pull together some of the more visual hacks. Feel free to post Yahoo! Hacks you come across.

your contacts' favorites (Y! Pipe) ___Flickr: Discussing in Flickr Hacks

a Yahoo Pipe! that makes it possible to subscribe to a RSS feed of the latest photos marked as favorites by your contacts.Go to the pipe's page, fill in the fields, press "Run Pipe" and then "Get as RSS" at the bottom of the page.

Yahoo pipes : les aggrégateurs de fils de diffusion (RSS) en mode graphique

Editeur visuel en ligne qui combine et fait un « mash-up », de vos fils RSS. Vous pouvez les triez, les filtrez en mille et une combinaisons.Les utilisateurs ont donc créé leurs propres tutoriels, étapes par étapes du processus de construction de vo