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User Script Compiler - Easily convert Greasemonkey scripts into Firefox extensions

First, you'll need to track down your installed scripts. They're in your Firefox profile, under the "gm_scripts" sub-folder. Or, if you'd prefer, you can skip the search and download any script from the online script repository. Next, you need to change the file extension from .js (Javascript) to .txt (plain text). After you've changed the extension, double-click the file to view the code. Copy and paste the code into the User Script Compiler and hit "Generate." Voila! Your new Firefox extension (.xpi) is complete. To install in Firefox, simply drag the new extension onto the Firefox interface and follow the prompts.


Extensions -Construire une extension MDC

Explications pas à pas sur la construction d'une extension pour Firefox.


Flickr: Hide Image Comments using RIP - Discussing Hide Image Comments using RIP in Flickr Hacks

If you hate seeing invite or award images in comments: solution using this extension, Remove it Permanently, and the rules I came up with you shouldn't have to see them . Instructions and the RIP rules on my blog.

How to create Firefox extensions

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Everyone has a good idea at one time or another to implement a new feature in a web browser. Well, with the goodness that is Mozilla Firefox, now you can do just that. You need to have a vague understanding of XUL and Javascript, but you certainly don’t


Firefox extension packs__________Hack Attack:

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The Mass Installer extension reads a list of extension URLs from a text file and automatically installs them all in one fell swoop. Obviously that's pretty handy, but you still have to hunt down the URLs of your favorite extensions and paste them all into

coComment blog » Blog Archive » What’s new?July 20th, 2006

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The new coComment is here, and it brings a LOT of improvements to the existing service. We will detail each feature in future posts, but here is an overview of what’s new: * THE COCOCRAWLER The coCoCrawler has arrived, and will keep an eye on your conve