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Access Flickr! :Bypasses the filter: Add-ons for Firefox

Bypasses the filter in Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China and other banned countries and places... Just install the extension and restart your browser. There is no configuration, no menu, no icon... All needed configurations are done automatically! After restarting, you can access, without any restriction! Just notice that you should use the basic uploader instead of the flash version. You can find the basic uploader here: And an interview about this extension on "Global Voices": History: In my country (Iran), unfortunately, the is banned. I'm a fan of that photo-archive website, so I wrote this extension just to help my dear friends who can not access from Iran.


PwdHash - Extension Securité Firefox

Automatically generates per-site passwords if you prefix your password with @@ or press F2 beforehand. Prevents JavaScript from reading your password as it is typed. The same password will be generated at each subdomain: matches...

Tor-Proxy.NET Toolbar :: Modules pour Firefox

No service in the world could be completely safe. (Also not the ones who tell you so!) This service could be infiltrated by hackers or government. Also there could be some weaknesses in the TOR-Architecture. But it is safer than not using this service.

SquiggleSR__03.2008_Concilie la protection de la vie privée et la personnalisation de la recherche.

Pour cela, nous générons des requêtes de façons cohérentes (pour éviter qu’elles soient détectées) sur des thèmes que vous pouvez choisir. Les requêtes sont générées à partir de mots clés apparaissant dans les titres de flux RSS que vous

FreeAccess Plus!__Bypass filter of YouTube,, Flickr,

Bypass filter of YouTube,, Flickr,,,, MySpace, Hi5 and some Persian (farsi) sites in Iran and other countries that blocked this sites .

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Il n'y a rien de plus insupportable que ces sites qui réclament une inscription gratuite pour vous laisser accéder à leur contenu. BugMeNot vous fournira le login/pass qui va bien... Marche surtout avec les sites anglophones.Bypass compulsory web regis