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March 2007

Best software - The.forest

Best software From The.forest Jump to: navigation, search This aims to be a non-authoritative list of what I consider the most useful software to have installed on your computer if you are running Microsoft Windows. I use or have used all the programs men


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FB2K is the music geeks tool of choice. If you like ultra-configurable then this is your Mecca. On the other hand don't approach this player if you want something easy to set up. FB2K is critically acclaimed for it's extensibility (there is an active foru

January 2007

Process Scanner__analyse les processus et dll qui tournent sur votre système__Le blog de

Process Scanner exploite la base de données de et analyse les processus et dll qui tournent sur votre système. Une fois fait, il compare les résultats obtenus avec sa base de données en ligne et génère un rapport extrêmement comp

December 2006

Ant > Logiciels >

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Ce programme permet de renommer un grand nombre de fichiers et dossiers en quelques clics. Il ne fait que modifier les noms des fichiers/dossiers

November 2006

IntelliAdmin_Hide your Windows user account

The IntelliAdmin weblog describes how to hide a user account from the Windows XP welcome screen.

October 2006

Taskbar Shuffle 2.0 (Windows) - ________Download of the Day: Lifehacker

Windows only: Freeware program Taskbar Shuffle is a lightweight system tray app that lets you rearrange your Windows taskbar items with a simple drag-and-drop. Yes, we've mentioned Taskbar Shuffle before, but it's made some significant improvements/featur

December 2005

October 2005

vnc2swf - Screen Recorder

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Pour les Anti-Obsédés Confidentialité, Voici un enregistreur FLASH de tout Activités sur PC ou MAC.Vnc2swf is a screen recorder for Flash movie. It captures screen motion through VNC protocol and converts it into a Shockwave Flash (SWF) file.