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BIB - ONLINE TOOL - SEARCH - Google N-gram Viewer - Culturomics

The Google Labs N-gram Viewer is the first tool of its kind, capable of precisely and rapidly quantifying cultural trends based on massive quantities of data. It is a gateway to culturomics! The browser is designed to enable you to examine the frequency of words (banana) or phrases ('United States of America') in books over time. You'll be searching through over 5.2 million books: ~4% of all books ever published! There are lots of different things you can check, like your favorite word (Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious) or person (President Taft; Chief Justice Taft) or part of the holiday (Christmas Tree).

CSS - TEXT - A Call for ::nth-everything | CSS-Tricks

::nth-word() / ::first-word / ::last-word / ::nth-last-word() We currently don't have any word-based pseudo elements. We do have word-spacing though, which is notable. One use case is similar to using ::first-letter for drop caps, only doing a whole word. article p::first-word { float: left; font-size: 300%; margin: 0 10px 10px 0; }


WRITING - 5 Tools Every Blogger Should be Using! – Going Big — The Official Crowdfire Blog

1. Grammarly (Addon - : Tenses, Conjunctions, Punctuation. Advise or Advice. Co-operate or Cooperate. This nifty tool helps me proofread my work of creation to make sure there are no spelling mistakes no commas missing and that my end result reads well. I just have to copy and paste my text into Grammarly’s Editor and see it work its magic! 2. Power Thesaurus ( This tool makes sure I never run out of words. Ever. Abnormality can become Anomaly, Excitement can become Exhilaration, Untidy to Unkempt, Indirect to Vicarious …. the possibilities are endless! 3. ZenPen ( : I find myself experimenting with all of that little editing/ (formatting?) tools available at the side while writing before I even have the first sentence ready. It gives me a minimalist writing space to write my blogposts without any distractions. 4. Hemingway ( My one stop tool to refine my blog post and make it publish ready! It does everything: Highlights grammatical errors, Points out complex words and suggests alternatives, Flags passive voices, and, Highlights sentences which are difficult to read and could do with breaking lines. 5. Evernote ( Evernote is that super handy tool that helps me take the right notes, so I can bring them all together when I put pen to paper in my next blog post. Evernote lets me note down things on the go wherever I am. I can note down Texts, Images and even Audios for when I want to revisit them later.


PDF - Convertion en RTF et autres (sans inscription) - PDF Online - Convertir un PDF en document Word ou OpenOffice

outil en ligne pour convertir gratuitement vos PDF en document texte au format RTF (compatible avec Word et OpenOffice). Une fois la convertion fate , vous pouvez telecharger le fichier directement, c'st sans inscription etc...

CV - Modèles de CV types (Téléchargeable en Word et PDF) - pour commerciaux et conseils pour rédiger son curriculum vitae : Vendeur Online

Voici quelques exemples de CV types , ceux-ci sont divisés en 3 grandes parties en fonction de votre expérience. Nous avons ainsi différencié les CV juniors , les CV expérimentées et les CV seniors.


Filter Pack Adds Office Doc Contents to Windows Search

Windows only: Microsoft recently released a "Filter Pack" that adds in-document searching to the Windows indexing service. That means you can find Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Office 2007 documents based on their text contents from the Windows Vista search bar, or Windows Search 4.0 on XP. Adding the filters also adds the search capabilities to any program that relies on Windows baked-in indexing service. The Filter Pack is a free download for Windows systems only

Flickr4Word" __Permet insertion d'image de Flickr sous Word

Flickr4Wordest un addon qui va aller s'installer directement dans lapartie " insertion " sous Word et ainsi permettre, lors de la rédactiond'un document d'effectuer une recherche d'image directement sur Flickr pour autant que l'on soit connecté à internet.

Free PDF to Word Doc Converter____Convertisseur de fichiers PDF en fichiers Word

Convertir un fichier PDf en un fichier word pour corriger quelque chose, se servir d'un document comme modèle, etc ... Le logiciel Free PDF to Word doc converter est votre solution

Some PDF to Word Converter Does What It Sounds Like

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"Freeware application Some PDF to Word Converter takes your PDFs and—as the name implies—converts them to Microsoft Word documents."

Zotero __Zotero's plugin for Microsoft Word___Microsoft Word Integration [Zotero Documentation]

Le logiciel de gestion de références (biblio et autres)... pour utiliser pleinement Zotero avec "l'interaction" avec un Traitement de texte... c'est vraiment bien fait et simple avec MSword..


ClipCase___Advanced clipboard formatting

Windows only: Freeware application ClipCase formats the text in your clipboard in a number of very useful ways—from line break removal to different capitalization schemes—designed to help you clean up text before you paste it elsewhere.

Enlever les watermarks sur les fichiers PDF

j’ai trouvé l’astuce ! Il suffit d’utiliser le site Zamzar (qui convertis les fichiers en ligne) et de convertir votre PDF en document Word. Ensuite, ouvrez ce fichier Word avec Office ou Google Docs.Vous devriez voir le watermark sour forme de cal

Make Microsoft Word less annoying - Lifehacker___Alpha Geek:

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Microsoft Word can drive you nuts. It piles on features few people need, plagues you with annoying auto-corrections and just generally acts like a pain in the ass. No more. It's time to take back the word processor, to put Word in its place and make it yo

Search and replace Word formatting__MS Office Tip:

Search and replace isn't just for text content; in Microsoft Word, you can search and replace how text looks, too. For example, you can make all the bolded text italicized instead. The secret knob is the More dropdown in the Search and Replace dialog box.