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Using Wikipedia to Extend Digital Collections

Web 2.0 technologies offer librarians a great opportunity to enhance the authority of resources that students use on a daily basis, and to push their knowledge and expertise beyond the traditional boundaries of the library. We now consider Wikipedia an essential tool for getting our digital collections out to our users at the point of their information need. We view this as a very low cost way to enhance access to our collections, as well as an effective way to participate in the creation of resources that are used by millions around the world. We will continue to explore how we can take advantage of the opportunities that Web 2.0 technologies offer us when marketing our digital and physical collections.


Bibliopédia_site collaboratif pour les bibliothécaires, documentalistes et archivistes francophones.

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Décrivez ICI vos projets ou vos astuces.C'est le privilège du secteur public d'être libre du partage des bonnes idées au service de l'intérêt général : classements, logistique, Communication, bonnes idées, services dont nous sommes fiers, etc....


Accueil - Wikimedia Commons

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Ce projet est destiné à constituer un conservatoire central de contenus libres, comprenant des images, de la musique, des textes écrits et parlés, pour être utilisés dans tous les projets Wikimedia.